Motorcycle Fundamentals 101

Well here it is. The most well-rounded, straightforward source of information explaining the system fundamentals of a Motorcycle. This book was written for any person who has ever sat in front of a TV and watched one of those bike building shows and wondered if they could do it or what those parts were. The book was also written for folks who just want to know about motorcycles. The book is organized into sections that describe the major systems of a motorcycles, first in non-technical terminology, followed by greater detail and a list of relevant terms. Illustrations in each section reinforce the written explanations. Designed with the basics in mind, this book is not intended to make everyone who reads it a mechanic or motorcycle expert. Nor is it written for only mechanics and motorcycle experts. Anyone with desire to build a Motorcycle or Chopper should benefit from it. This book can be read in it entirety in (approximately) three hours. Easy to read book that anyone can read and understand Book can be read in 3 hours Many Schools and Tech Schools are currently using the books in the class room. International Master Bike Builders endorsed the Motorcycle Fundamentals book upon seeing it. Jeff Starke stated "Chopper Fundamentals 101, is an easy read that walks even a novice to a pro through a gauntlet of complexity when considering building your own motorcycle and even building motorcycles for others. Fundamentally, this book covers all the right processes in building motorcycles and provides IMBBA core values of Fit, Form and Function. When this occurs, a safe bike that is pleasing to the human eyes will emerge. IMBBA strongly endorses this book as a level of education and knowledge for the Technician, motorcycle mechanic striving to become a Bike Builder, and highly recommends it for anyone wanting to build motorcycles".

BIKE BASICS Motorcycle Fundamentals 101 was written in a manner that anyone can pick up the book and understand the systems of a Motorcycle. Students, Adults, Women, Bike Riders and many more enjoy reading the book. If you want to know what a Soft Tail frame is or what do the numbers on the side of a tire mean this book will explain it in basic terms. The book was written by writers that wanted to make sure that people understood the basics of motorcycles and not how to engineer them.

The back of the book also contains a flow chart that explains the flow on how to build a bike. It make understanding bikes easier for the user.


05-25-10 Motorcycle Fundamentals 101 show cased in Book Expo show in New York. 05-20-10 Mitchell Tech uses Motorcycle Fundamentals 101 in class rooms. 04-01-10 International Master Bike Builders endorses Motorcycle Fundamentals 101 for use with its program. 03-01-10 Chopper Institute of America releases Motorcycle Fundamentals 101 based on the book Chopper Fundamentals 101.



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